September 4th, 2004


Notes on The Highly-Charged Political Stance Poll

So far 26 people have answered it. That's not bad. It's open to the world, though, so feel free to spread the word. If you do, though, link them to this post, not that one, I think... I'd like them to read this first.

First off, 25/26 are pro-choice. This didn't shock me much.

What surprised me was that the people answering are evenly divided between supporting and being against the death penalty. What also surprised me is the lack of consensus in any direction when it comes to foreign wars.

Let me say something, though, that may help clear things up a bit - and if it does, and you realize you mis-voted, please re-take the poll.

In each question, I'm trying to really see if people support not necessarily the political realities of each subject, but if they support the very concepts themselves. For instance, when it comes to wars on foreign soil, if you ever support those wars - say, for instance, the US sending troops to Europe to fight Hitler - then you support the concept. You may think there are very, very few instances where it's ok, but that's not what I'm asking. I'm asking if there are circumstances under which you would support said war, if you do support the concept itself.

The same goes for the death penalty. I'm well aware of the various problems with implementing it; I'm well aware of the fact that we often can't prove definitively that people have committed a crime and so by actually sentencing someone to the death penalty we run the risk of killing innocent people. That's all well and good, but what my question is, is if you support the concept of the death penalty. Make sense?

Oh, and one other note: ignore the "other" bit. It's really pro, anti, undecided. There's not really any room for an "other" in any of them, you either support the concept or you don't. So I can understand not having made up your mind, and an undecided vote is fine, but if you're voting other because you support it "but only if..." then just change it to a pro vote.

Yes, the rules are highly arbitrary. Deal with it, it's my damn poll. :P

Ok. So if having said that changes your mind at all, please retake the poll. If you haven't taken the poll yet, please take it! It's right here:
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Day out with the kids

Took the kids out this afternoon.

We started off by walking over to the Brooklyn Museum of Art. We wandered around the museum for a few hours, but there wasn't much exciting going on. First Saturday had been canceled for this month because the West Indian Carnival is going on all weekend (actually from Thursday to Monday). Still, I got a few interesting shots. The first pic there is of a sort of... sculpture, I suppose, which is made mostly of human hair. Hair! It's big, too - that's just a small piece of it.
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West Indian-American Day is actually on Labor Day and is capped by a big parade along Eastern Parkway. The events are all being held in the space behind the newly-renovated (and still-being-renovated) Brooklyn Museum of Art, so after our jaunt through the museum, we headed back out past the garden area and into the Carnival. Today was the Children's Carnival, meaning that the dance troupes parading over to be judged were formed of children ages 1-16. Not a lot of 1 year olds, though.

We didn't really watch any of the dancing, but I did snap some shots of the dancers as they wandered by. Some of them looked distinctly older than 16 to me, but maybe they're allowed to have a certain amount older than that or a leader or something that's an adult, I dunno. Anyways, here are some pics of them.
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The one thing I was determined to do, though, was get some food before we left. I had a hankering for some curry goat, so I set out to get me some. (I always found it interesting that West Indians seem to all call it "curry goat" - not "goat curry", or "curried goat", or anything else. Hmmm.) The first 3 or 4 stalls I checked didn't have any (sold out, or waiting for the next batch to be finished) so I started to get a bit demoralized. I finally found one, though, and so happily ordered some. I got it with rice and peas, and tried to get some plantains with that, but they didn't have any plantains ready. Sigh. Anyways, I said hell with it and just got the curry and rice. I asked for some hot sauce as she was finishing up the plate, and she looked at me for second and then put a half-spoonful of hot sauce onto the curry. The container was actually in front of me, I just hadn't realized that's what it was. Unmarked square plastic thing! I didn't realize.

Anyways, I sort of looked at her - I mean, c'mon, half a spoonful? She looked back at me, and we stood there for a moment, and then she asked me if I wanted more, and I nodded and said yes please, and she looked at me again, and then said I should just put it on myself. I said sure, and took the spoon, and ladled a spoonful over the rice and curry. She watched me do this, then locked eyes with the guy standing behind me (West Indian, or at least West Indian looking) and let out a knowing chuckle. I watched her and gritted my teeth, as I knew exactly what she meant by it, and then I took another spoonful out of pure spite. No one challenges my manliness by implying I can't take the heat. I need to get a shirt that says "I'm not white, damnit!" on it or something. Of course, I'll have you know that I finished all of the curry and every bit of that hot sauce, and I actually could've gone for a bit more. I've had worse.

The curry (I started eating it before I thought of taking a photo of it, sorry):
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We finished off our little outing by taking a long walk back through the park. While exploring, we found this cute little fountain area. The fountain was a bit overgrown, but it was very pretty.
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