August 29th, 2004


Late start

Whoops. Was up a little late last night chatting on AIM, so I'm just now heading out to the march. My dad's already there, he called to let me know it hasn't started yet. That's good. I figure I'll go, take some photos, and then come back. I'm not really up to doing much more. I'll be posting them on Flickr later. :)

March photos!

I took a crapload and I'm uploading them all - I'll clean up the gallery later, strip out the bad ones, but for anyone who wants to see them, they're all here:


P.S. They're still uploading - there are something like 175 photos. So if you see less than that, it means they haven't all arrived, so just refresh the page if you want to see the newer ones. Huzzah.
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