August 27th, 2004


Phree Photo Hosting 'n' stuff

I've posted about it before, but if you're looking for a place to host and show your images, I like this place:

I'm user eclecticrubbish on there, and if you let me know I can send you an invite email. I think the more people I get to join the more benefits I get*, so that'd be cool, but honestly it's a nifty service regardless of whether or not I get anything from it. :)

* - Specifically my free "pro" account, but I have to admit - I have yet to actually get even close to hitting the point where I'd need it. And I'm considering paying once it goes live. It's nifty, I swear! ;) I'm kinda torn between LJ's photo hosting service and this one - flickr's much better I think, but I get the LJ one for free with my LJ account. Decisions, decisions!