August 26th, 2004


Back home. Here's an essay.

I'm back home. So I'll celebrate by reproducing an essay I just read online and really liked. It's not perfect, but it's not bad either. Hopefully you'll enjoy it, maybe at least find it interesting. And yes - of course - it's political.
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Prospect Park Run [e]

Bah, apparently Vancouver is bad for my health. My time is slipping backwards...

3.35 miles, 35 minutes.

(Actually I think it's more that visiting family and eating Tang-style for 7 days straight is bad for my health.)
You're fired!

Sunday - United for Peace march

Hey. So who's going to be marching on Sunday in the big protest march? Anyone? I'm thinking of going, as is my dad. It kicks off at noon, although people are supposed to start gathering at 10 am (there are expected to be a couple hundred thousand people - yes, if you don't live in NYC, that is a larger group of people than lives in your quaint burg - so it may take a while to get everything worked out).

Anyways, if you're going, drop me a line and we can all meet up, maybe have an LJ'ers against Bush gathering. And while we're there, let's kick the asses of the Nader-Camejo contingent. They're all a bunch of stupid pussies anyways, they'll be easy to take down. We'll just look for the Bush/Cheney 2004 buttons.