August 20th, 2004



My horoscope for August 21, 2004:

Today you could be surprised at someone's affection, NICHOLAS. Maybe there is somebody in your social circle who has a huge crush on you. You might have been unaware of their feelings, but you'll find out today! Or perhaps your romantic partner will be feeling especially flirtatious today. They might want to snuggle and be close to you right now, so have fun! You need to soak up that adoration and appreciation.

Sweet. So to all the hotties who're secretly crushing on me: go ahead, you can tell me.

(Cue 70's porn music: *baow-chicka-baow-baow*....)
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Interesting article

There was an interesting article about Darfur written by Howard Dean, referenced in Tapped here: . (The original article is right here .)

The Tapped post specifically quotes this section:

[Update: [snip] I'm removing the quote, as it needs to be read in context, I think. Go click the link and read the full article (as well as the Tapped commentary on it, while you're at it - btw, their link to the article doesn't work, but mine does, so use mine).]

...although the article is short enough that it won't take you long to read it all.

So I'm curious: what are peoples' reactions to that sentiment? Especially those Europeans (and more broadly any non-Americans) out there?

Link to full article, again: click here.