August 11th, 2004


If you love paper...

...or you love people that love paper... or you love people that love people that love paper... or you're a pirate-hating ninja...

You should know that Kate's Paperie is having a massive sale - 75% off several types of merchandise. I got these kick-ass notebooks/journals for $3.50 each - nice leather-like covers, soft, decent quality paper (but a little too thin - my "medium" fountain pen leaks through slightly - I need to try the thinner one in it), normally $14.00. Not bad.

The sale goes on until August 15th and includes a bunch of things - the notebooks/journals, some pens, some photo albums, several other things.

(And no, I'm not a shill for them, but I just like their stores but can't usually afford to buy much from them. Well, now, at least for some things, I can. Also, if you ever need anything wrapped and are willing to spend a ridiculous amount on getting it wrapped, I highly recommend them, they do a beautiful job. It's ridiculously expensive ($8-$15 depending on the size; more if you use the non-standard paper or want other extras), so only worth it in some instances, but really nice.)

The Rodney Alexander saga continues!


It looks like Rodney Alexander, the schmuck who switched party affiliations last week, could quite potentially get his just deserts. Why? Well, apparently, what he did is illegal - and in fact disqualifies him from running at all.


To add insult to injury, the Republican party had cut off all funding for the other Republican candidate running, doing a good job of alienating him. Looks like the sure-fire win for the Republicans may just end up becoming a win for the Democrats. Heh.

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Butt Seriously

"White girls with big asses, man. There goes another one, a J. Crew cardigan riding up atop a buttock so big, so out of place, it makes you wonder if Serena Williams woke up this morning wondering where her ass went. Temperatures are going up, taking hemlines with them, and the trendy white ass is hanging out there like a couple of upside-down Tasty-D scoops. They're taking over this city. They're everywhere I turn: in dressing rooms, in store windows, in that pond with the little boats—anywhere I can look down and see my own reflection. Yes, I'm one of them and it seems strange to admit something so plain, but until recently the subject has been almost completely taboo among the SPF 40 set. If I said even now (in front of a man or woman of any race for that matter) that I think I have a big butt, they encourage me to deny it. "You have a great ass," they say. Which, ahem, isn't the issue in question. And all that protesting, all that mutually exclusive commentary about how big versus how appealing, leads a 5-5 pallid girl to wonder: What is it, exactly, about the ass right now?"

Read the rest of Butt Seriously, by Sloane Crosley, right here:

Good times, good times.
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