August 7th, 2004


Night out with the kids - Celebrate Brooklyn concert!

I took the kids out to Prospect Park tonight for one of the last Celebrate Brooklyn concerts of the season. Well, my dad and I did.

It was part of the Budweiser Latin Music Series. Volumen Cero, a four-person trio, was the opening act. They were ok, but the crowd seemed mostly bored while they played. Almost no one stood up, the clapping was half-hearted, the place was half-empty. I felt bad for them - they weren't fantastic, but they deserved a better reception than that.

After they finished up (around 8:30 if I remember correctly) they cleaned up the stage and prepped it for the next band, and then they came out - Andrea Echeverry and her supporting band. She was pretty good, but I didn't think she was that much better than the first band the justify the crowd reaction. Everyone stood up, people clapped and cheered, sang along to the songs, etc. It was obvious that people had come tonight to see her. Of course, I'm totally ignorant of the genre (not speaking Spanish makes it hard for me to appreciate the full impact of the music), so it's possible she's wildly famous and this was a really big deal.

Still, TMBG totally trumps this, if you ask me. But I digress!

We had a good time, and it was the kids first real concert. And hey, what a way to go - a free Spanish-language rock(ish) concert in the Prospect Park bandshell. Hell of a way to start. Man, I love this place.
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