August 3rd, 2004


Time to secede?

Great article in New York Magazine:

The Independent Republic of New York

As New York—a city that often has more in common with Europe than with the United States—prepares to be invaded by the red-state hordes during an election that has much of the city fearing the prospect of four more years, a persistent fantasy resurfaces—should New York secede?

By Jennifer Senior

Read it here:

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Bush: I'd go to war anyways, y'all.

President Bush says he would have gone ahead with the Iraq war no matter what the intelligence said. On Monday, he said "'knowing what I know today, we still would have gone on into Iraq,' signaling that revelations of flaws in the prewar intelligence had not changed his mind about the wisdom of attacking and removing Saddam Hussein from power. Bush acknowledged that no banned weapons had been found in Iraq, but he said they might still turn up. 'We still would have gone to make our country more secure,' he said, adding that Hussein 'had the capability of making weapons.'",1,7312796.story?coll=la-home-headlines

Watch out, every-remotely-modern-country-in-the-world - apparently the new gold standard for being invaded by the US is whether or not you have the capacity to make weapons.

Canada, we are going to
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This is it: Help Launch Huge New Plan for Victory

Dear MoveOn member,

We've done bake sales. We've done house parties. We've bought ads. Now it's time for the home stretch - getting out each and every vote where it counts. MoveOn PAC is planning an incredibly ambitious, groundbreaking, precinct-level neighbor-to-neighbor campaign we're calling Leave No Voter Behind. We want to hire 500 organizers in the last weeks before the election to work in 10,000 key neighborhoods in battleground states to get 440,000 new votes for John Kerry to the polls.
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