July 29th, 2004


DNC day three

The only speech that interested me at all today was John Edwards. I wanted to see Al Sharpton's speech but missed it, but I hear it was a lot more... enthusiastic... than some of the other speeches.

Anyways, Edwards' speech was quite good. For the first time someone really spoke about the details of what the Kerry/Edwards platform entails, and it was, appropriately, one of the two people who will be executing it. He's a very charismatic speaker, but he didn't really rile the crowd up as much as I felt he could have - but he DID convey his thoughts clearly and forcefully, which I think was his point. He also seemed to be having some problems with his voice, he sounded a bit hoarse at times. Anyways, regardless, I can't deny it - he's good up there, even if he wasn't at his best tonight. We've had three really good speeches in a row. If Kerry can pull it off tomorrow, they'll be batting 1000 (at least in terms of keynote speeches).

Carl Cameron: Unfair and biased? Could it be?

Dear MoveOn member,

Since Fox News is unable to rebut the basic premise of "Outfoxed," its anchors have resorted to slamming the film's technique. Fox News' convention correspondent Carl Cameron, who is portrayed in the movie sucking up to then-Governor Bush before an interview, complained "It was an unfortunate piece of editing in the movie that gave a far worse impression than the reality."

To counter this charge, director Robert Greenwald has released the entire footage of Cameron's pre-interview moments with Bush, when he didn't realize the tape was rolling. The full clip makes Cameron look even worse. He spends a full three minutes fawning over Bush. See this outrageous footage here:


All this bluster hides the serious fact that Fox News allows political partisans like Cameron to do important journalistic interviews, even when there are blatant conflicts of interest.
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