July 28th, 2004


DNC day two

I tuned in around 7:30 tonight, as Maya Angelou was on. Boy... she's lost a lot of her power. Admittedly, I was getting ready for dinner while it was on, but even so, she used to really have an impact that was just lacking in the part I saw tonight.

Ted Kennedy was pretty good, but his ol' Boston accent kept slipping out. Teresa Heinz Kerry really surprised me - her speech wasn't delivered like a politician, but that was actually a really nice thing after hours of politicians and their speeches. Her speech was eloquent and well written, and worth listening to. Ron Reagan's speech was theoretically non-partisan and about embryonic stem cell research, but since we all know the GOP is anti-stem cell research and the DNC is for it... It was well delivered, though.

The highlight of the night was, without a doubt, Barack Obama. Everyone's talking about him, so I feel a little bad dwelling on it, but damn, he's a hell of a speaker. His speech was intelligent, positive, and delivered as well as almost any I've heard. There's no doubt why he's a "rising star" in the party - eloquent, thoughtful, dynamic, and with a varied background. People like him give me faith that maybe the Democratic party hasn't lost its way.

Anyways, a good night overall. I know this is going to sound terrible, but I have to wonder if tomorrow's going to be as good as the past two days. Bill Clinton and Barack Obama are a hell of a 1-2 punch to start off with. I guess we get to see what Edwards is really made of tomorrow night. I've never heard him give a full speech so I'm very curious to see how he does. I know he's got the charisma, but can he write well, can he really deliver a full keynote speech? I assume so or he'd never have gotten the nod from Kerry, but still.

The drama!


Ok, maybe not.

Watch the videos (or listen to them on mp3 or read the transcripts) yourself:
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