July 26th, 2004


Live, from New York...

...it's the Democratic National Convention!  That's right, I'm blogging to you live from in front of the tv while watching the DNC in Boston on CSPAN!

Ok, so maybe it's not right up in front of the podium, but it's just as boring fascinating from here.

Al Gore's speech was pretty good - it's too bad he didn't discover his passion and energy four years ago, or he'd be campaigning for his re-election now instead. But better late than never.

Most of the speakers have been just sort of 'eh so far, but I'm looking forward to hearing Clinton's speech. Well, both Clintons, but mostly Bill. (Sorry. I don't dislike Hillary, I just haven't been wowed by the speeches I've heard from her. Maybe she'll change that tonight, y'never know.)

It's too bad the conventions have become so bland - I've heard stories about old conventions when they apparently were - I know, it's weird - relevant and they actually accomplished things. Crazy, I know, right? Apparently back then, things like the nominee and the nominee's choice for veep were actually not determined until the convention itself, lending them some drama. Actual drama, not just scripted and canned speeches.

Ah well. I will say something - this new internet-driven, people-driven approach to democracy is really exciting. The online weblogs, the house parties, the informal gatherings, the meetups - this is really cool. I don't think there's ever been an election where people had so many ways to talk, connect, learn, share... it's amazing. And it's exciting! For the first time in a long time, I actually am getting into the whole process itself, and I think that's great. I'm taking an active role, not just a passive one. Crazy. Crazy!

The Clintons... Hillary's up.

Hillary is on now. She's gotten better, but she's really big with the Emphasis On Every Word Like The Politician Stereotype And It Begins to Wear On Me.

There are times when she lapses into a more natural method of speech, and those are the times when I actually start to enjoy listening to her speak. She's not a bad speaker, but she still hasn't gotten comfortable with it quite yet, I think. She's Trying Too Hard And Needs To Relax And Just Speak like a normal person.

But it's a decent speech overall - hitting a lot of important issues, garnering a lot of applause, getting the crowd a little worked up - with her words if perhaps not entirely with her delivery. (Although I will say, she's awfully emphatic. She may not have learned how to let her emphasis ebb and flow naturally, but she's definitely got the volume and emphasis in her voice.)

(Why am I not talking about the things she's saying? Because, honestly, it feels a bit generic. Good, overall, but nothing mind-boggling. She's repeating the party line. I hope Bill's speech is more interesting, a bit more ground-breaking, as it were.)

The Clintons - Bill's turn

Now, see, this is getting good. I'll post some choice quotes in a bit, once he's done. But I'll say this - he's good at what he does. :)

Update: $#%@#%@%@!!!!! !!!!! !!!!!

I just wrote a huge update to this post, and Deepest Sender (the mozilla-lj client) lost it all. @#$@#%@%!%!#!!!!!!!!!

I'm SO pissed right now. Damnit. But - he was amazing, he really was.

(The transcripts are up everywhere. Ironically, the only place I could find a video of the full speech was on - get this - Fox News. Well, I never thought I'd say this, but kudos to Fox for actually putting it up, and getting it up fast. http://www.foxnews.com/ GO WATCH IT WHILE IT'S STILL UP!)

Tomorrow looks like it could be a good day too - Howard Dean, Ted Kennedy, and Barack Obama will all be speaking. (There are several others that could be good - Carol Moseley-Braun, Teresa Heinz Kerry, Ronald Reagan Jr., etc., but those are the ones I really want to see.)