June 17th, 2004


M3 Power razor [g]

So I got me a Gillette M3 Power razor yesterday, because I had heard some good things about it.  While in line and looking at it, the guy who just finished walked by and saw it and said "It's totally worth it, trust me." as he walked by.  I had already decided to give it a shot anyways, mainly because I'm a dork and I like new toys.

I originally saw something on PBS - I think on Nova, oddly - about a razor that sounds an awful lot like this, but in the UK.  These two inventors had come up with it - it was a normal wet-shave razor blade, but it vibrates - and supposedly that vibration made for a much easier, smoother, closer cut.  Not only that, but it was supposed to work so well it'd even handle shaving dry.  In the PBS show, their version had a lubricant sprayer built into the razor, and the entire blade/lube-spray unit was the part that was disposable.

Well, the M3 is a vibrating, powered wet-shave razor, but instead of a microfine spray of lubricant, it has an Aloe/Vitamin E-based lubricant on the "Indicator Lubrastrip" (which they actually trademarked, you know, just in case someone else wanted to call something a Lubrastrip).  It uses a single AAA battery in the handle, and has an on/off button on the handle.  There's no spray, and the heads are compatible with normal Mach 3 heads, although those won't match the color and don't have the gooey Lubrastrip on them.  Looks like Gillette bought/licensed the technology for themselves, or maybe just came up with their own version.  I'm curious to try the UK version, if it's any different, see if the original is any better.

I tried it briefly last night, but I was really tired.  It seemed ok.  The shave didn't seem any easier than normal, honestly, but it did seem to cut a little closer - the skin seemed smoother afterwards.  Also, one thing I will say, is that it irritated my skin less than normal, which is good.  I was able to be much more careless without it giving me razor burn or anything like that.  It still took as much time (maybe more?) to shave, but the other factors are positive.  And maybe I wasn't pressing it hard enough, I dunno.

It's actually not as weird or frightening or anything as you might think, having your razor blade vibrate and buzz itself away in your hands.  It's a gentle buzz, and once you start shaving you basically forget about it.  Well, I did.

Overall?  Seems good.  I wasn't as wowed by it as some of the people I've seen posting about it online, but I do think it's probably a better-than-Mach-3 shave, which is noteworthy, as the M3T was the best razor I had used until now.  (I don't have the Mach3Turbo, though, so I don't know how that compares.  I think.  I'm pretty sure my old one was just a Mach3.)

(Yes, that's it.  Whole post.  And it's completely serious.  Weird, huh?)
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