June 16th, 2004


Weird food... facts...? Things? I dunno. [c]

1.) The world's best female eater is also skinny as hell, a little asian woman. WTF?


Check out her pics. She's smaller than some of the piles of food she ate, I swear. This chick put away 11 pounds of cheesecake in 9 minutes - and she's only 105 pounds herself. That's over 10% of her body weight in 9 minutes. That's freaking scary.

She'll be competing in a pizza-eating contest on Saturday, but it's thin-crust Chicago-style - what the hell does that even mean? That's like saying someone's a big and tall midget. (Dwarf? Midget? What's the PC term? Little person? I don't know. Apologies if I offend anyone with my outdated terminology for the wee folk.)

2.) The US has a pizza team. None of the members are from NY (although one was born/raised in NY, but left). Two are from Domino's. This is the best the country has to offer? NOT HARDLY!


So, so sad. "Fastest pizza maker." Who gives a shit how fast your pie is? Maybe Domino's, but not anyone who actually cares about eating it afterwards. "Largest Dough Stretch." It's just so wrong. What is the world coming to? Those categories are amusing and everything, but how about, y'know, something that matters? Best crust? Best sauce? Best plain pie? Best pie, any style? Stuff like that. Only two of the 5 categories are even about the pizza! AARGHHH!

( Both of the above found via SliceNY - URL: http://www.sliceny.com/ - LJ: sliceny. )