May 27th, 2004



From: frank_ lautenberg @ lautenberg. senate. gov
To: nicholas tang @ gmail. com
Date: Wed, 26 May 2004 17:34:10 -0400
Subject: Responding to your message

May 26, 2004

Mr. Nicholas Tang
[snip my address]

Dear Nicholas:

    Thank you for expressing your opposition to the expansion of the United States' arsenal of nuclear weapons.

    Over the past nineteen years in the Senate, I have worked to curb research and development projects intent on expanding nuclear weapons programs.  I was shocked that President Bush proposed upgrades to the U.S. nuclear weapons arsenal.  Regrettably, the Senate blocked my attempts to prohibit funding for President Bush's request.  As a result, $15 million is going to fund a program that has already cost the United States the same amount of money.  In the end, research and development of the low-yield bunker buster nuclear bomb will cost taxpayers at least $45 million.

    I am opposed to new nuclear weapons.  Pursuing such weapons reverses over fifty years of U.S. policy regarding nuclear weaponry.  Such a policy hurts our strategic alliances.  Most importantly, new nuclear weapons endanger life.

    President Bush's insistence on calling these new nuclear weapons "low yield" incorrectly suggests that these are safer weapons of mass destruction.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The weapon that President Bush requested has a yield seventy times more powerful than the devastation caused in Hiroshima.

    President Bush's request was especially surprising considering the case he laid before the U.S. regarding Operation Iraqi Freedom.  We alienate our allies when we pursue weapons programs whose control generated the rush into our war in Iraq.

    Although my attempts to eliminate funding for new nuclear weapons were blocked, I want to assure you that I will not stop working to prevent any future procurement.

    Thank you again for your correspondence.

What I'm trying to decide is this: do I think it's a good thing I got a response (even a canned one) supporting the position I wrote about, or do I think it's a bad thing that not a damn thing is happening?

Part of me wants to write back and say "Thanks for the response and for standing up for the right thing" and part of me wants to say "Thanks for replying, but it's not enough.  I'm tired of hearing all of the rhetoric about what you and everyone else in our government is going to do or wishes they could do.  I want to see some results, and soon.  I'm tired of living under GW's regime of terror and watching everything I love about this country slowly get ground to dust under his heel.  I want you idiots to make a difference, and stop being such a bunch of chickenshits and stand up for what's right and MAKE IT HAPPEN."

Alas: still no response from Colombo Yogurt.
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Update: Ok, I confess, I screwed up. It was "glonous" not "glorious". My bad. (I should've known, glorious makes no sense in that context.)

Colombo's Response

Dear Mr. Tang:

Thank for contacting Colombo regarding your experience with the Colombo lowfat Blackberry Burst yogurt you purchased.  As a responsible manufacturer, we strive to produce high quality products.  We are sorry your experience did not meet the standards we expect from our products.

The fruit used in this product is manufactured and processed with the utmost care to ensure high quality.  The fruit portion of the product is specially furnished to us by a processor, in accordance with standard specifications established by our Quality Control Department.  We will carefully review the information you provided. An adjustment for your purchase will be sent to your mailing address.

We regret any inconvenience this has caused you and hope you continue to enjoy our products.


[name snipped for his sake]
General Mills
Consumer Services
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The Colombo Saga Continues

Dear Mr. [snipped for his privacy] (and to the rest of the Consumer Services group):

First off, let me thank you for your quick response to my email inquiry.  I appreciate the hard work you and your coworkers put in on behalf of consumers such as myself.

If straining the fruit in the yogurt would be cost-prohibitive or overly labor intensive, perhaps you might consider a warning label on every cup of yogurt that contains seeds.  Something like "WARNING: contains seeds.  May stick in your teeth.  Possible choking hazard for infants and very small adults." would probably work.  With that, consumers would be warned ahead of time that the yogurt may contain seeds and the potential for dental distress, and forewarned is forearmed.

Are there any plans for releasing seeded and mixed varieties of your yogurt?  I for one would be very interested in them.  Has Colombo ever experimented with different variations like that?  I would be more than happy to "vote" with my dollar for them, as I'm sure millions of other Americans would be.

How does Colombo (and General Mills) determine which varieties to use?  Is it primarily determined through focus groups and other similar forms of market research?  I'm just curious, have consumer letter-writing campaigns ever influenced production decisions?

Thank you very much,
Nicholas Tang
Concerned Consumer

Thursday, May 27th, 2004 - 11:15 pm Eastern
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