May 14th, 2004


3rd Anniversary

Wow.  I saw quodlibetic's post about her LJ turning 3, and so out of curiosity I checked mine - and this journal turned three 2 weeks ago!  Yikes!  (I say "this journal" because this isn't my first LJ, actually, but I shan't be revealing any more than that!)

I can say that my LJ has been consistently one of the most boring ones out there for three years now.

I started off by announcing the release of some software I wrote:

I didn't post even close to my first anniversary as I was in Vancouver at the time.  I got back on the 30th:

On my 2nd anniversary, I posted about my weekend spent in DC with my cousin:

And on my third anniversary?  Once again, no posts.  I did post the day before, though, when I got my first taste of gmail - and boston cream pie yogurt:

So.  Happy third anniversary to quodlibetic, and happy third anniversary to me.  Hurrah.
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