May 10th, 2004


Breakfast conversations [k]

(Key: N = me, M = my 4 year old, J = my 8 year old, B = my dad.  The text may not be exact quotes.)

B: When you finish your breakfast, put the silverware away.
J: Ok.
B: So do you know why it's called silverware?
J: No.
B: Because it used to be made from silver.
J: Really?
B: Yep.  But that's too expensive nowadays.  We still have some made from silver, but we don't use it much.
J: Why not?
N: We save that for when the werewolves attack.
M: No!  There are no werewolves!
N: There aren't?
M: No!  There aren't any more!  They're extinct!
N: Oh.  Ok.