April 27th, 2004


Gmail: it's real. [g]

Well, if anyone still had any doubts:
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Sort of annoying, though, they don't let you have a 5 character (i.e. ntang) username.

Muchos gracias to duinlas for the hookup.

Update: I decided to make this post public, but remove the mailto: link. It's an image, so hopefully no spambots will harvest it, and I figure the best way to test it is to have people start using it. So if you want to email me from now on, try my gmail account.
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Strangest flavor of yogurt I've tried so far: Boston Cream Pie. [c]

I just had a cup of boston-cream-pie-flavored yogurt. Strange. Not bad, actually, but not something I'd want to have on a regular basis.

How do they think of this stuff?

Anyways, it was an interesting novelty but I'm back to fruit tomorrow if they have any. (They were out of strawberry before.) I'll keep you all posted, since I know you live and die for my yogurt report.