April 15th, 2004



Yes, I finally did it, after all these years of mockery and disdain and yes - let's face it - open contempt.  I've given in.  I've switched.
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You're fired!

Note to Anonymous Commenters

You're welcome to comment anonymously in my journal (assuming you keep it clean), but it'd be nice if you'd put in some sort of identifying mark - your initials, or a url to your site/weblog/etc., or whatever, just so I can keep everyone apart.  For whatever reason the anonymous comments have been increasing recently, and it's hard to keep y'all apart.  :)

The Management

Spotting fake smiles [l] [g]

Really interesting quiz on the BBC online: spot the fake smile.

When you take the test, you're shown a short video clip of someone smiling and asked whether you think it's real or fake.  I didn't do so well - 12/20, but I do have some advice: just go with your instincts, they aren't trying to fake you out.  I second-guessed myself on a lot, and the times when I second-guessed myself were where I made the mistakes.  I think there were only 2 or 3 where I really was totally off, the rest of the ones I got wrong were just a case of thinking they must be trying to trick me and switching my answer.  I dunno.


New Thai place and PORT! [c]

Went to Galanga (click for my nyc_cuisine write-up) tonight with my friend and former coworker S.  I get dinner with him every other Thursday, give or take, so that wasn't all that noteworthy.

While I was out, though, I managed to score a bottle of Taylor Fladgate 1997 Vintage Port.  All I can say to that is: FUCK YEAH!  I've been questing for a bottle of that for weeks and every place I found was either out or wanted a ridiculous sum of money for it.  (I won't tell you what I paid for it, but it was more than any sane person should pay for a single bottle of liquid.  Still - I'm dying to crack it open, I've had a glass of this stuff before and it's absolutely amazing.)

Life is good.

(Incidentally, if you see an "LBV" vintage port, run!  Well, don't necessarily run, but realize that LBV stands for Late Bottled Vintage, which is basically a fake vintage.  They take the dregs of the listed year, mix it with the dregs of a few other similar years, and bottle it.  It's not bad, but it's worth what you pay - a fraction of the cost of the original vintage.  In my opinion you'll get more bang for your buck with an aged tawny, like the Taylor Fladgate 10 year tawny, or the Niepoort 10 year tawny, both of which are excellent bottles and can be had for around $25 each - around the same as the LBV.  While I was paying the guy said "you got the LBV 97 right?" and I almost choked - it's worth maybe 1/3 as much and doesn't even taste 1/3 as good IMHO.  I double checked - and I hadn't been cheated, they did give me the right bottle.  Scared me for a sec, though.  Jackass.)
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