April 9th, 2004


The Apprentice [t] [l] (spoilers)

The Apprentice last night was interesting. They actually had interviews, which is a crazy concept for hiring people. I'm thinking maybe they should've done that for the FIRST round, not the second to last? But I guess that'd have been less interesting.

Anyways, once they went through the interviews, Amy and Nick were fired. Not all that shocking, as Kwame is Harvard trained and working in Wall Street and if he couldn't pass an interview that'd be sad. Bill is the best candidate in the bunch, so he also should've gotten through. I wasn't sure if Amy or Kwame would've been the second, but I can see how they'd choose him over her.

Anyways, as the big "surprise" for the final project, the two finalists (Bill and Kwame for those of you not paying any attention at all) got to choose three of their former apprentice-wannabes to be their "employees" for a day or two for the final challenge. Bill gets to manage a celebrity golf tournament and Kwame gets to manage a Jessica Simpson concert. Odd, but I guess it's more about splashy "exciting" events for the show.

Well, Kwame chose Omarosa. I'm sorry, but as soon as he chose her, if I was Donald Trump, I'd have told him "You're Fired" and would've given the job to Bill. Stupid, stupid, stupid person. I don't know what the fuck he sees in her. I wonder if that was arranged, too. If I had been given her (i.e. she was the last person standing and I had no choice), I'd have taken her out and fired her from my team before the last project even started.

And then, of course, he let her work unsupervised, and she promptly fucked up and lied about it. And he let her get away with it.

If there was ANY doubt that Kwame was totally incapable of leading (and again, this may be Kwame the "character" and not Kwame the actual person, now that the entire show has been cast in doubt), the episode made it blindingly clear that not only can he not lead, but judging by his choice in employees, he should probably be killed for the sake of the human race before he has a chance to choose a wife as bad as her and breed.