April 5th, 2004


Sigh. [c]

From dc_dining:
My name is Allison and I just joined. I love dining in DC, especially in Chinatown! I actually went to Wok n Roll this past Saturday :). It was very good! Not only was the sushi affordable, but very yummy.

People like that make me want to kill.
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Laptop Advice

Ok, I need advice/recommendations.

I'm looking for a laptop, ultra-light, with killer battery life and built in wifi. (802.11b, g is nice but optional since I'm only running b at home.)

So, requirements:
- integrated 802.11b (and preferably also integrated 10/100 ethernet)
- at least 5 hours battery life
- at least 1024x768 res
- no more than 12" screen diagonally (I want it small as well as light)
- decent performance, 512M+ RAM

The recommendations I've gotten so far that have looked like they've had potential:

IBM Thinkpad X40 - Pentium M 1.2GHz, 12.1" 1024x768 screen, 512M RAM, 3 pounds, "up to 10 hours w/ extended life battery"

Sony Vaio TR3AP1 - Pentium M 1GHz, 512M RAM, 10.6" widescreen w/ 1280x768 res, 40G HD, 3 pounds, 6-11 hours rated battery life

Fujitsu Lifebook P5020 - Pentium M 1GHz, 512M RAM, 10.6" widescreen 1280x768, 40G HD, 3.5 pounds w/ high capacity battery, 11 hour battery life

Price is not super-important, as it's not me paying for it. ;) Ideally, though, sub-$2500.