March 3rd, 2004


Women design badass car [l]

Auto-makers, take note. I know you all read my journal anyways.

Volvo Reveals Car Designed by Women

GENEVA - More than a year ago, Volvo Car Corp. gave women employees a special project: design the car they would like to drive.

The result — a roomy, 215-horsepower coupe — makes a statement about what women want. Simply put, they want more.

The workers demanded everything in a car that men want in terms of performance and styling, "plus a lot more that male car buyers have never thought to ask for," said Hans-Olov Olsson, Volvo's president and chief executive.

"We learned that if you meet women's expectations, you exceed those for men," he said.

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The moral of the story? I dunno. But it's not a coincidence that half the people in my department are women. (Literally. 6 people, 3/3 split. Adding the interns, we had a 1/1 split there. Add in the operator, only one, and the scales tip in favor of the men. And of course that's not including me. But hey, YOU find a technical department with a split that close to even.)