February 27th, 2004


Self esteem and self awareness

Found an interesting site through one of the business/manangement weblogs I read.

The site is the personal site of Nathaniel Branden, and he's got some useful essays on there that seem pretty good. I mean, yes, there's a lot of the sort of fluffy stuff you'd expect, but quite honestly, it's some of the better fluffy self-esteem sort of writing I've read. For one, it's concise - the essay on how (and when!) to be more assertive, for instance, is about 2 pages long, and bullet-pointed and organized clearly, which is a shock considering most writers would put out a 300 page treatise where about, oh, 2 pages were actually useful info. I know, because I've read a couple of those books and gotten disgusted with all of the bullshit you need to wade through to get to the useful points.

I've just started digging through his essays, but I'm impressed so far.

This one: It's Your Life So Make the Most of It, sounds like utter tripe, but it's actually great and describes very closely the sort of revelation I had just recently. You know, the one where I decided to ask for the raise I knew I deserved, where I decided to move to NYC regardless of the difficulty, where I decided to start doing whatever I needed to do to actually be happy for a change? This is like a freaking outline of the thoughts that went through my head, and it's a bit eerie.

Anyways, the point is: he actually writes stuff worth reading. So go, check it out.