February 15th, 2004


Moving - and commuting [w] [m]

So, a lot of people have expressed surprise at my sudden determination to move, and move soon. Big change, drastic change of heart, what happened, I had it all planned out to move in mid-2005, and this means canceling any chance of me going to Europe this year... why why why? Well, I'll tell you all why why why.
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Homeless people have all the luck... [l]


Amid Manhattan's Wealthiest, a Beggar Found Open Hearts

To many New Yorkers, the Upper East Side is a clubby, outsiders-beware territory, where immaculately uniformed doormen and snooty co-op boards guard the gates for billionaires and their personal trainers; a sometimes heartless province where poodles get manicures but maids get minimum wage.

But for Richie Spagnole, who lived for a decade on the streets of the city's richest neighborhood, the Upper East Side was a place of astounding generosity. Store owners handed out bagels in the morning, chicken wings for dinner and sausage pizza for snacks. His pleas for money, he says, were often met with $50 contributions. In winter he wrapped himself in donated down coats. On frigid nights, he slept in the boiler rooms of tenement buildings. He brushed his teeth and washed his armpits there, too.

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