February 7th, 2004


Xiaolin Showdown

The kids were watching a (relatively) new animated show on The WB11 when I ventured out this morning: Xiaolin Showdown.

I don't know much about the show. But it has a very short monk named Omi, a dragon named Dojo Konojo Jo (voiced by Wayne Knight, aka... Newman!), a... cowboy... martial artist... yeah, I'd keep going but it's too painful. In this episode, they were in NYC. That right there should set off some alarms.

I love how the first several people Omi met in a row were all insane freaks. And all white. There was some guy in a trenchcoat (who fortunately only yelled at him to go back to NJ - I had a real heart stopping moment there for a second), a woman with mace, and a crazy alien-conspiracy guy wearing some metal contraption on his head. Eventually he finds some people playing a 2-on-1 bball game, with two skinny white guys against one black guy built like a gorilla (literally), all three wearing bandanas. Bandanas! There was also some red haired bad guy who sent killer robots at Omi's buddies, who were elsewhere in the city (also populated almost entirely by white people).



Ok, so, it's good to know the show's writers have never left Ohio. I made them switch to a new show, I couldn't deal with them watching it any longer.
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