January 8th, 2004


Toshiba announces new sub-1 inch hard drive [g]

Toshiba's 0.85-inch HDD is set to bring multi-gigabyte capacities to small, powerful digital products

Small size and high capacity will bring HDD to mobile phones

Tokyo -- Toshiba Corporation today announced development of 0.85-inch hard disk drive (HDD), the first hard drive to deliver multi-gigabyte data storage to a sub-one-inch form factor. Toshiba expects to start sampling the new drive in summer 2004 and to start mass production in autumn 2004, at an initial monthly production capacity of two to three hundred thousand units.

Toshiba is the pioneer of high capacity, small form factor HDD. The company's current 1.8-inch HDD, the storage device of choice for some of the hottest portable gadgets on the market, has allowed manufacturers to deliver unprecedented functionality to exciting new mobile entertainment products, including palmtops, ultraportable notebook PCs, handheld GPS units, and digital audio players and jukeboxes.

With the new drive, only a quarter the size of a 1.8-inch drive, Toshiba achieves a smaller, lighter, high capacity storage medium in which low power consumption is complemented by high performance. The drive will have an initial capacity of 2 to 4 GB, and deliver enhanced data storage to smaller, lighter more efficient products. Toshiba expects the new drive to bring the functionality and versatility of HDD to a wide range of devices, including mobile phones, digital camcorders and external storage devices, and to follow the company's 1.8-inch HDD in inspiring manufacturers to develop new applications.

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Best albums of 2003?


Ok, have any nominations for best albums of 2003? Top 10 lists? I need some new music to listen to. Oh, and how about best albums of all time? That'd be nifty too. And hey, while you're at it, how about most anticipated new music for 2004? I know quodlibetic's covered on that category. ;) Send me whatever you have. Best album by genre. By country. By language. By... uh... something. I'll put it all together.

So comment already (DAMNIT) and I'll keep a running tally in here and eventually post the Definitive List*. Or, alternately, feel free to just link if you've already posted something like that in your journal/weblog/blogger/mt/gm/blosxom/etc.

* - Assuming you all have a clue about music, which may be a dangerous assumption. Hmmm. Ok, so most likely it'll be nonsensical and confusing, but it should be interesting to see, anyways.

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