December 15th, 2003


Indiana Jonesing [k] [h]

So I watched Raiders of the Lost Ark with my son tonight, and I'm very happy (ecstatic, almost) to report that he liked it very much.

When I was a little'un, Raiders was one of my favorite movies, and Indiana Jones was one of my heroes - the first "real life" one, in the sense of portrayed in flesh and blood rather than in ink and pencil. I really loved him (purely platonically ;) ). Raiders was also a major inspiration in my life. I still love the combination of heroism and humor that it handled so adroitly; Indiana Jones was at once the masculine ideal - strong, fit, tough, capable and (eventually) irresistible to women - but also was self-deprecating, silly at times, constantly put his foot in his mouth and got in over his head, and shrieked like a little girl when confronted with snakes. He was the perfect combination of ego and humility and on top of that, a good person and a real hero.

So yeah, I was psyched to see my son enjoying it - and not only that, but not getting scared at the skeletons or snakes or ghosts and exploding/melting heads. That shocked me, frankly, but in a good way. My little boy's growing up. :)

Anyways, done with my "chores" for the night, off to bed with me.
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Ow ow, ow, ow ow, owowoww, ow.

Woke up with my back absolutely killing me. I must've slept in an incredibly awkward position last night. Bloody hell. Ow ow ow. OW.

Well, at least there's some good news - it's Monday morning! Wait, no... fuck. Nevermind.

Some days it doesn't pay to wake up.
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What a shitty night... [k]

While finishing up our dinner (the kids had already eaten and were getting into bed), my older son runs out and tells us that something is amiss. "[younger son] doesn't look so good..." he said ominously. My dad followed him over to see what was wrong. I scampered behind quickly once I heard the shouts.
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