December 8th, 2003


T Salon [c]

How on earth did I never hear of this place before?! Until a few weeks ago I was working about a block away from it!

"The T Salon and T Emporium has become a mecca for those searching for peace and serenity amongst the bustle of New York City. The salon is a place where lovers, friends, business colleagues and families come to enjoy great teas. The T Salon offers a lovely Proper Afternoon Tea for special events, showers, book signings and birthday parties. The environment has a warm and eclectic feel to it, making the fusion of Asian and modern styles a comfortable and welcoming tearoom."

Damnit. I'd have spent all kinds of time in there had I only known about it. And... and...! Looks like a really good selection of teas, too. Ah well.