November 18th, 2003


Test #2... avoiding linewraps?

Trying to get this client (pine, specifically) to send the email without line-wrapping. Maybe using an alternate editor (yay vi!) will work. Here goes...

Update: No one seemed to notice, so I'll state it explicitly: this post wasn't line-wrapped and I sent it via email, using vi instead of pico as my editor and it worked fine. So it's definitely possible as long as you can control the line-wrapping in your mail client. Pine/vi works fine and I'm sure most combos can be made to work.

Massachusetts: yes to homosexual marriage (among others)

At 10 am today, the Massachusetts Supreme Court ruled that it is unconstitutional (according to their state constitution, which prohibits the creation of "second class citizens" according to NBC news) to deny marriage to homosexual couples. This isn't just same-sex civil unions (aka domestic partnerships), as per Vermont, but actual full marriage, with all of the rights and benefits (and whatever) that entails.

So, hurrah for Mass. One down, 49 to go (not to mention the federal government, sigh).
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