November 17th, 2003


Gallery [g]

Ok so I've been pondering things and I think I'm going to rewrite my image gallery script.

For one thing, it sucks. It's a descendant of an old script Brad (you know, LJ-man) wrote and it's totally hacked together. It's hard to configure (well, ok, not that bad), it's nearly impossible to customize (in terms of output, visual appearance, etc.), and uses a brain-dead form of recursion that was me being incredibly lazy.

So why rewrite it? Well, because I can, and because I have ideas how I can improve upon it drastically without having to spend a million years on it. The script's concept is fundamentally sound; it's designed to work on super-low-end machines, as it builds the gallery offline and writes out static files, meaning that even the shittiest machine can have a decent-looking gallery on it without taxing its resources. Since my primary webservers is a 100 MHz pentium (yes, 100 megahertz... the machine you're using to read this is probably, literally, 10 times as powerful - and quite possibly over 20 or 30 times) with 32 megs of ram. But, hey, it works.

So here's what I'm thinking of doing. (This is where it gets even geekier than usual. Comments are appreciated but not necessary. Hell, even reading this isn't necessary at all, I know it'll bore and/or lose most of you.)
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LJ: when caching goes bad [g]

LJ's being an asshole. I've made updates to my post(s) and they aren't showing up. (And no, it's not cached in my browser.) Bah.

Update: Ok, it just refused to post the update for a while*, and then discarded it. Yes, lost it. Fuckers. I didn't feel like writing it all up again (nor could I, since it was all written spontaneously the first time and I don't remember it all), but I summarized it as best as I could. Sigh.

* - I say refused, implying that it had the data, because it did. When I did an "Edit last entry" in my client, the changes were there. When I loaded it in the browser, they weren't. Client, there. Browser, not there. Etc. I did this for about 20 minutes until I got tired of it. Finally, when I checked again, it was missing from both. RAWK!
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