November 10th, 2003


Sigh. Spam. [g]

The sad thing is how much spam we get here, despite everything.

Here's a summary of the messages received on one of my (three) mail servers at home:

    282   received
     71   delivered
      0   forwarded
      0   deferred
      0   bounced
    208   rejected (74%)
      0   reject warnings
      0   held
      0   discarded (0%)

Yes... 74% rejection rate (the average for that box is ~70%) yesterday. And of the 71 messages that were delivered, I bet at least half were still spam. I'm considering cranking up my use of the various RBL's out there, but I'm just a little paranoid about them breaking and bouncing most/all of the valid mail too. Especially with the kind of shit Verisign's been pulling recently.
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