October 9th, 2003


Deep thoughts

Just got a spam entitled "Look great in lingerie." *sigh* If only... *fluttering of eyelashes*

But yesterday, I got perhaps the best spam ever: "Get more ass than a toilet seat!"

Finally, on to more serious matters, the latest question from dailysoulsearch: "If someone offered you a huge sum of cash, say, ten million US dollars or the equivalent, but the catch was that in exchange you would never find true love and/or would have to give up the true love you've already found, would you take the money? What would be the reason for your decision?"
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Question of the Indeterminate Time Period:

Ok, here's a follow up, I'm asking everyone a question.

If you had to choose between your real life and internet life, which would you choose? Specifically, if you were given the option of living on a deserted island somewhere and you could either bring the people you're close to in RL or you could bring an internet connection and a computer (assuming this was all feasible), what would you choose? In other words: someone you see in person every couple of months but keep in contact w/ over the internet is an internet friend, and only available in the second option. Someone you see every few days regardless of whether or not you have internet access is a real life friend, and available in the first option only. There can be no crossover.

To put it a different way: choose between a wide array of friends, with no physical contact, or a very small group of friends.

So which would you choose and why?
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