October 2nd, 2003


American Splendor

Saw American Splendor tonight with irnbruise.

I have to agree that it was a bit underwhelming, especially after all of the glowing reviews it got. I enjoyed the movie, and there were a few bits that were brilliant, but there were also long stretches that... weren't. It wasn't bad, definitely, but it wasn't amazing, either.

I was a bit disappointed, since I was hoping for amazing.

(Disclaimer: I never read the American Splendor comic books. I'd like to at some point, and it's very possible I would've enjoyed the movie more had I come in "prepared", so to speak. Or maybe not, I dunno.)

Before the movie we grabbed a bit to eat at Yonah Schimmel's Knishes, where the knishes were big, cheap, and really good. I got a spinach (decent) and broccoli (very good) knish, and both were big and soft and yummy. I also had a chocolate egg cream, which I honestly thought was a bit disappointing - the waiter told me he makes the best in the city, and if that's the best egg cream there is to get in NYC, well, apparently egg creams just aren't that great. Still, at $2 for a huge, good knish, you can eat quite nicely for a very reasonable amount of money. Or go with a few people and get a bunch of knishes and cut 'em up and share, even better.
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