September 26th, 2003


Movie Watching

Ok, people. There are a bunch of movies I want to see over the next few weeks, and I need a few intrepid volunteers to see them with. If enough people all want to see the same movie, we can make it a group event, otherwise just getting one or two people to go with would be fine with me. (I'm one of those people that hates seeing movies alone. I don't know why. It's a sickness. I don't even like watching DVDs alone.)

They are, in no particular order:
Lost in Translation
Once Upon a Time in Mexico
Anything Else (although I'm dreading this one)
American Splendor
Swimming Pool (still haven't seen it)
School of Rock (it's probably terrible, but I gotta)
Mystic River
The Secret Lives of Dentists
28 Days Later
Bend it like Beckham (I'll probably just wait for the DVD, frankly, at this point)

There are a bunch of others I wouldn't mind seeing, but am not dying to get out and see... things like:
The Rundown
Out of Time
Cold Creek Manor
Dickie Roberts (another one that's probably terrible, but this one I don't gotta)
The Medallion (there was a while when any JC movie was a must-see, but then he start shitting all over the screen and now, well, they're not)
Terminator 3: Still Haven't Seen It (and don't really care if I miss it)
Dirty Pretty Things

And honestly, there are very few movies I'd refuse to see if someone was looking for a partner to see them with. It's been too long, though, I've barely seen any movies in the past few months, so lemme know. Moooovieeeeess.....

Bring out your dead...

Ok, this is getting a bit creepy.

George Plimpton, Author, Dies at 76

Of course, I'm sure by now you're all aware of Robert Palmer, John Ritter, and Johnny Cash.

This is a bad, bad time to be a past-your-prime celebrity. Personally, I think it's an Al Qaeda plot gone terribly, terribly wrong (I'm planning on writing a sitcom pilot about that very thing for next season).

Ok, I suppose that could be arguably said to be in bad taste, but whatever. It is honestly very sad news that those four have died. I'm just wondering who's next.
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Notes to self

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