September 16th, 2003


Canadians: best politicians EVAR

The increasingly bitter tone of the Ontario campaign took a surreal turn Friday when a press release from the Tory election machine labelled Liberal Leader Dalton McGuinty a pet-eating alien.

The bizarre insult, contained in a statement e-mailed to media representatives shortly before lunchtime, immediately deflected attention from the health-care agenda that the Conservatives had hoped to pitch Friday.

"Dalton McGuinty," the statement said. "He's an evil reptilian kitten-eater from another planet."

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(Ganked from Neil Gaiman, of all people.)
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Tech geeks: watch out

Two noteworthy things.

1.) There's a new openssh exploit in the wild. A new version of openssh was released, 3.7p1, and from what I heard it may not be a complete fix, but it fixes the immediate problem. I got this from a (very!) reliable source. Bugtraq, Full-Disclosure, and other similar lists have updates on this.

2.) Verisign has set up wildcards so now any unregistered .com or .net domain, and any host in that domain, will point to their servers. This includes mail and web servers, and they've got servers that are answering requests and potentially logging anything that comes in, so a simple typo could easily provide them info. You can read up on this on the NANOG mailing list, among others, and on the NY Times here: and on this site here: and here in the washington post: