September 2nd, 2003


The perfect cold lunch?

I have a cold. It's raining outside. This caused much pondering over the question of lunch - what could I get that would be fast, filling, yummy, and good for a cold?

After a brief period of pondering, I came up with it. Here it is:

- Inari sushi (4 pcs.) from JASmart - ready to eat, just grab and go
- Chili (1 bowl) from Quiznos - one of the few things you can get without waiting 30 minutes
- Coke (1 can) from the soda machine in the office - because I'm a coke addict

With an extra-hefty helping of wasabi on the inari, I was able to nearly instantly clear my clogged sinuses. (This really does work, although the more clogged your sinuses, the higher your tolerance for pain needs to be.)

The chili is just warm and thick and filling. Quiznos has a surprisingly good chili - I've certainly had better, but it's better than the various delis and such around the area have. And it's fairly cheap - $3.99 for a bowl of it, plus some lame (but edible) cornbread.

The coke, well, as I mentioned, I'm a coke addict. Plus, if you're having an allergy attack, the caffeine can help (seriously). I just have a cold, so it was just for the flavor, and to quell my addiction. All of the foods, of course, were quick and ready to go - just pay and grab it and run out, essentially, which is nice when it's cold and crappy outside.

And now, I'm going to hope the medicine I bought is really non-drowsy, or I might not be doing much more today.