August 30th, 2003



I'll post the recap(s) and pics tomorrow. I've got a bad headache right now and I need to get some sleep.

(Lack of sleep, not overabundance of alcohol. I was watching the Sopranos tonight and was falling asleep the whole time. Normally it's not the type of show you fall asleep to.)
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Vancouver recap and pics!

I wrote up an overview of the food up there, which I posted to the vancouver_eats community:

Here are the posts, one per day:
August 14:
August 15:
August 16:
August 17:
August 18:
August 19:

The pics are inline. If you didn't want to have to deal with the text, too - sorry! Suck it up.

Enjoy, all.

(It's all friends-only for now, but I might unlock it at some point. Maybe. Maybe not. I may just post a public, summarized recap (minus some of the details and pics), as well.)
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