August 29th, 2003


Vancouver - yea or nay?

So I'm wondering. Does anyone actually want me to post a recap of my trip to Vancouver? I won't take offense if you don't, and I'd rather you be honest. If several people actually want to see it, I'll post it, but if not I'll just keep it to myself.

Poll #173935 Vancouver recap - yes or no?

Do you actually want me to post a recap of my trip to Vancouver?

Sure, I guess.
Uh, no.
I dunno. Maybe?

Do you want to see photos from the trip?

Yeah, why not.
Vacation photos? You gonna bring out a projector too? No thanks.
I can't decide.

Systems party

Went out and got booze and soda and chips of various sorts, and then we had a little mini-party at work. Interestingly, more Wild Turkey was had than beer. A few people got a bit tipsy and the rest basically didn't have anything. Still, I think people had fun. Success!

(One of the other departments used to host a Friday night drink - around 5:30-or-so on Friday, they'd take out some bags of chips, a few 6-packs, and then invite anyone passing nearby to join them in having a beer. They haven't done it for a while, so we figured, you know, maybe it's time for Systems to pick up the banner.)