August 21st, 2003



Wow. I'm not really into anime nowadays, but if I was I'd be creaming my pants right about now.

From August 29-31, the Big Apple Anime Fest will be in the Times Square area. From August 31 - Sept. 2, Anime Expo NY will be in the very same area.

The major downside: wading through Cosplayers on my way home from work on those days.

Then again, it might not be all bad.

(Disclaimer: I couldn't find any really horrible examples of cosplayer images online, but my dsl line's been acting up since I got back and I didn't feel like spending a long time searching.)

(In other news, there's a Fox 5 news reporter with the first name Richard, and another reporter said something along the lines of "Back to you, Dick." If I was a reporter with the first name of Richard, anytime anyone called me Dick on the air I'd knock one of their teeth out.)

Update: D'oh, I'm an idiot. AXNY was 2002 only, and I was apparently not observant enough to realize that. So strike that, it's not nearly as orgasmarific for anime fans as I originally thought. Big Apple's still going on, though, so hopefully that won't suck too badly.

Update 2: Sigh, due to some errant referrer checking, apparently, some of the images I linked to were broken. They're fixed now, I think. (I hope.)