August 11th, 2003


Stop Canadian Change

Found a highly amusing site on Gawker tonight:

Quite simply, it is one person's crusade to get rid of those annoying bits of Canadian change that sometimes shows up in the pockets of innocent Americans everywhere. Here's the intro from the site:

Canadians have ruined a lot of things for a lot of people.

They aided the British during the Revolutionary War. They fiddled with bacon. And they've produced enough stand-up comedians that the once-genteel profession has become a hellish hotbed of competitive anger.

And now, their change is polluting American pockets. Canadian "quarters" pass as real American quarters. Canadian pennies squat in change purses and jackets like dirty copper cockroaches. But it's a one-way street. You get Canadian change from seemingly everywhere: fast-food joints, brothels, the IRS, pork wholesalers, etc. But you can't spend it in vending machines, clerks detect it, and your family members scoff. And so it accumulates, a metallic mirror image to the pillar of rage building within your heart.

Have you ever wanted to do something about it?

Have you ever wanted to kill a Canadian?

This site isn't recommending that you kill a Canadian.

Instead, it's recommending that you mail in all your worthless Canadian change. Once we've accumulated $2000.00 in Canadian "money," we'll dispatch a delegation to the Canadian capital � whatever that may be, even if it's an igloo or a giant hollowed-out walrus tusk, or whatnot � and sit down with their finance minister for a frank talk about keeping Canadian change where it belongs: in jars. Canadian jars. isn't just a site � it's a revolution. Mail in your change. Watch it accumulate. And brace yourself for day when Americans can stand up for America, and say: "Hey! Keep your monopoly money where it belongs"
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