June 4th, 2003


Hex Advice, Coven to Coven

Hex Advice, Coven To Coven
By Peter Carlson
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, June 3, 2003; Page C04

New Witch is a magazine for your young, hip new breed of witches. That explains the subtitle, which is "not your mother's broomstick."

Your young, hip witch has needs that her mother didn't have. For instance, she needs to know what to do with her computer when she's busy casting spells. And New Witch provides that information, in capital letters when necessary.

"TURN THE COMPUTER OFF COMPLETELY WHEN YOU ARE WORKING MAGIC," the Rev. Galina Krasskova writes in New Witch's spring issue. "I cannot emphasize this enough. I've had friends who have had their computers completely crash due to simple energy overload when they inadvertently left them on while doing spellwork."
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