May 18th, 2003


Weekend Update

Quiet weekend this weekend, at least in theory.

On Saturday morn, my son the younger, henceforth referred to as "M", began vomiting, all over. I'm still not sure what caused it, but it went away by the evening - but not until after he had vomited over 6 times, every hour or two. They seemed to be fairly painless, though, he was a bit freaked out the first time or two but by the last couple of times he was almost casually leaning down and expunging.

Thanks to that, I missed J's soccer game, I stayed home with M while my dad took J to soccer. I was disappointed in that, but in the end I was glad - the other team had been short several players and so they had put J on the other team for the day, and it really sucks that they made him play against his own team. It sucks even more because the other team won, and while J stayed on defense my dad said he did stop several offensive drives, so he was a contributing factor. Oh, and to top it off they asked my dad to ref the game, which put him in a very uncomfortable position as well. In short - the soccer league totally mishandled the entire situation, and that just pissed me off. If they were short a ref, they should've asked my dad to ref for another pair of teams that he had no involvement with, and then they should've either just played 5 on 5 to make up for the other team being short-handed, or pulled players from uninvolved teams to make up for it. Making someone play against their own team mates is just really unfair. Apparently more than one of his team mates called him a traitor, even though of course it wasn't his choice or his fault. Sigh.

I spent the rest of the day with the boys while my father helped my mother pack for her move. Nothing much happened; we sat together, played together, ate together, watched tv together. It was a quiet day, in part because of M's sickness, which prevented us from going outside to play.

Today I had a good time, I went to the 9th Avenue International Food Festival w/ several lj friends from nyc_cuisine. The Fest is an annual event, stretching over 20 city blocks and drawing crowds of well over 1,000,000 people each year. It was packed, and fun - had some really good goat curry, and tried frogs legs for the first time. (If you're wondering - they really do taste a bit like chicken, but also a bit like rabbit, too, a little more gamey and almost a little... less springy and chewy in texture, hard to describe. Not bad, though. Plus, the reaction I got when someone asked me what that was I was eating was well worth it.)

After the food fest I walked around a bit with a couple of people, bought a copy of Enter the Matrix (the movie tie-in, for the GameCube) and some comics (finally got the Brubaker Catwoman tpb (good stuff, thanks!) and a few others) and then headed home to have dinner with the kids and my dad, and now I'm just relaxing before bed.

Nice weekend, overall. I'm tired, but other than the vomiting child, things were good.

Update: martijn_de_jong posted pics of the festival in his journal here:

Double Update: I forgot to mention it, but there was a quick celeb sighting at the 9th Ave. Festival: Randall Duk Kim, the Keymaker from The Matrix Reloaded, was in the crowd, apparently just there to enjoy himself - but he was wearing a Matrix jacket, so I'm guessing he was probably enjoying the attention too. ;)
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