March 12th, 2003



I had lunch at Patria today.

It was a business lunch, I was there with my boss and a vendor. They each got the same thing - an empanada appetizer and then some fish dish, in a reddish orange sauce, with a few mussels on the side. I forget, exactly.

I got the thai-ish coconut ceviche to start off with, and then got merlusa - a fish somewhat similar to sea bass - w/ shrimp and a sauce that begins with an "o" whose name I can't remember. (I'm useful, ain't I? Heh, I'm overtired. :P )

The ceviche was ok - it was very dressed up, served in a half coconut on a mound of crushed ice, and consisted of vaguely cube-shaped chunks of tuna in a coconut and bathed in a sauce of coconut milk and lemongrass and some other thai-ish flavors. It was pretty good, but the chunks were awfully big at times and so didn't really get that almost-cooked look/feel/etc. to them, and hadn't fully absorbed the sauce. For most people, that's probably a plus, but I'm not big on raw foods so I would've definitely preferred smaller pieces that were more thoroughly marinated. Still, it seemed very delicate and of good quality, and there was a fairly large amount of it.

The fish was ok. The sauce was ok, and the shrimps were ok. It was on a bed of green and yellow stuff, reminded me a bit of seaweed.

The pre-food bread was very good; it had currants in it, and they served it with a venezuelan topping, which is basically just butter, sour cream (I think) and garlic, all mashed up into a paste. That was quite good.

Overall, I thought the food was pretty good. It wasn't worth the money - over $30 for my 2 dishes during lunch! - but was enjoyable, and the wait staff was attentive without being pushy or intrusive. If I wasn't falling asleep typing this, I'd give a better (or at least more coherent) review, but I can barely keep my eyes open. So I'll end this now, while I still can.
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Open Secrets

The title is "Money in politics data", and the tagline reads "Your Guide to the Money in U.S. Elections". Maybe it's old news, but it was news to me, so that's all that counts. It's got some interesting information, and makes it relatively easy to find.