February 16th, 2003


Interesting weekend so far...

...and it ain't even over, yet.

So after hearing about all of the people that were doing things like "Girls Night Out" for Valentine's Day, instead of the semi-obligatory commercial and guilt-ridden attempt at romance, I figured, why not? So, I arranged a (small) Geeks' Night Out.

penchantnyc and I met and had dinner at Hallo Berlin, which was very good. I haven't eaten food like that for a while and it was nice and very filling (I couldn't even finish my dinner!) and reasonably priced - $11 for the dinner special.

After that we walked down to the theater and met ozzdo and saw Daredevil. Overall - I thought the movie could've been a lot better, but was also a lot better than I was expecting. It has a lot of insider references, for those more familiar with the comics, and is fun. I didn't really care for any of the stars of the movie, and the cheese was very high. Colin Farrell played Bullseye in an especially over-the-top comic book way, which got annoying, quickly. The movie did succeed, overall, in bringing the comic book to life - even if it wasn't quite how it should've been. Worth seeing once, but not worth rushing out to. It's no Spider-Man, for instance.

After that, I went down to Chinatown to meet my cousin, who took the Chinatown bus up from DC. I got there 15 minutes late, but since her bus was over 30 minutes late, it wasn't a big deal. ;) After that, we just went home and talked a bit.

It was the best V-Day I can remember having, ever. It was simple and not really all that special, but that's sort of the point - there was no pressure, there was no guilt, there was no resentment, there was no need to act up to some standard - just hanging out with friends and then my cousin and having a nice, low-key night. So hurrah.

Today I went into the city with my cousin and met another one of my cousins and her friend and saw RENT. Wow - it really is good. There were a few things that bothered me, but overall it was a very enjoyable experience. Now I want to see Baz's La Boheme, I'm curious to see his interpretation.

Unfortunately, after the weekend was looking to be a really great one, I got paged.

Network problems. Urgent. My help was needed.

I left my DC cousin with my other cousin and her friend, and went into the office. For some reason, I lost my voice - don't ask, I don't know why (other than having a cold), but currently I can't talk above a whisper, and my throat hurts. Finally, at almost 10, I left and met my cousin in the Port Authority, where we went home.

We got home, I had dinner (they had eaten earlier) and we watched SNL for a while (not a good one) and then I logged back on and assisted the oncall admin until... oh... about 30 minutes ago. It was a DDoS - a Distributed Denial of Service attack - and quite ugly. We were down, or close to it, for over 12 hours. Ouch.

So yeah, a perfectly good start to a weekend that took a sharp left turn. Oh well, guess someone's just trying to keep me humble, or somethin'. :)

Hope everyone's V-Day weekend has been and will be good! I haven't been doing much LJ reading so far but I'll try to catch up tomorrow. For now, though, it's bed time.
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I'm wondering if I got a mild case of frostbite - the skin on my legs is bright red, painful, stinging, and looks a bit like a combination of being chapped and sunburned. I took a quick bath to see if it would help, and submerging them in the warm water hurt. Ah well. I slathered skin cream on them, which seems to have helped a bit.

This winter is just kicking my ass.