January 30th, 2003


Interesting links...

Got a bunch of interesting links for everyone, stolen from Sassafrass by way of my cousin Paul.

An argument that the US is leveraging its top-secret technologies, including (potentially) anti-gravity technology, to keep Britain and Australia supporting its aggression towards Iraq:

Japan 'loses' 206 kg of plutonium (or enough to make over 20 bombs):

Stormin' Norman Shwarzkopf doesn't particularly support Rumseld or the current administration's aggression:

Kurt Vonnegut on war and stupid people:

It's all interesting to read, I think, even though some of it does make me raise an eyebrow. Still, it's less a case of disbelief in the veracity of the story as much as disbelief that stuff (like losing that much plutonium) could happen in this day and age.