January 28th, 2003


Things not to do whilst in the bathroom

This morning, while showering, my body decided -- with nary a warning -- to fall over. I could blame it on being Not Quite Awake, or perhaps on my shower being Sans Bathmat, but in the end, it was mainly just clumsiness. Alas.

So I slammed my chin into the side of the tub (I fell over backwards, actually, but did a cat-like* twist and managed to slam my chin instead of the back of my head - technically I got my hands under me, too, but when they're wet and you're falling and they slip out immediately, it's of questionable value), and now my chin is still a bit sore. Bugger.

On the upside, I didn't crack my skull open and bleed to death, naked and sprawled across the bathroom floor, only to be discovered after the shower flooded the apartment below, leaving their apartment a wet, bloody, dripping mess. (I don't mind the skull-cracking and bleeding so much, but I don't have (the technically required) renter's insurance so I can't afford to repair the flooding damage. That and I don't much want the rental office people seeing me naked.)

In other news, I wasn't run over on the way to work today.

* - if I was a 3,000 pound, paraplegic cat whose left side was paralyzed due to a stroke, that is...