January 13th, 2003


Ow freaking OW OW OW.

I got a sandwich from Subway today, it's where I usually go when I just want something cheap and easy*. I got the usual - a 6 inch tuna sandwich on the wheat bread bun/sub/thing. As usual, I got it with both sweet and hot peppers.

Well, the guy who made the sandwich was very generous, but apparently has very bad aim. He front-loaded most of the sweet peppers, and back-loaded most of the hot peppers - meaning as I got towards the end of the sandwich I took a bite and suddenly had 4 or 5 large pieces of hot pepper in my mouth. Oy frickin' vey. I had to polish off my can of coke and go running for water.

So, the moral of the story is: watch the pepper spatial distribution.

* - I'm referring to food.
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Lords of the Rhymes

I'm Quickbeam with the masterplan
I'm Bombadil with the mic in my hand
We're Lords of the Rhymes from a far off land
And We'll Rock this joint with our hobbit band


"Everything you read here is true: We come from Middle Earth and we can f***ing rap. That's right, when it comes to hobbit rhymes there's us and no one and we rock rooms from the Sea of Rhun to the Gulf of Lhun. We've been working on our self-titled album for nigh on two ages now, and should have it finished in time for Christmas 2004 (shire reckoning). In the meantime, we're going to post MP3s of our work -one by one- right here. We've got dozens of tracks. And they're all hotter than the cracks of doom."
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    Lords of the Rhymes - The Lords of the Rhymes