January 5th, 2003



I've been sick all week. By all week, I mean since last Monday, so a full 7 days now. That's not the disappointing part.

I got sicker after I got home on Friday, and was feeling really bad all day Saturday. That's not the disappointing part either.

Today, I watched the Giants game. THAT was the disappointing part.

Yesterday, the Jets won by a landslide, something like 41-0, they totally blew their opponent out. Today, the Giants were leading by 38-24 in the 3rd quarter - certainly not a blowout of the same magnitude, but it looked like an easy win, and they looked really strong in the first half - strong enough so I wouldn't have been shocked if they had gone on to score another 10 or 20 points by the end of the game. Today, the Giants lost, 38-39.

I could get into the details, but let's just say this: it was really, really disappointing, in a lot of different ways. (One thing I will say: their field goal unit sucks in a BIG way - they had 2 shots at making field goals to win, and they screwed up both, in a big, big way. In a totally inexcusable way, actually, in my opinion.) This was the first time in something like 20 years that both NY teams were in the playoffs, and if they had both won their first game... well, let's just say that as a New Yorker, that would've been awesome.


Oh, and I'm still sick.
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