December 21st, 2002



It's been a while since I've added anyone to my shitlist. Too long.

Congratulations, blakeley. For your closeminded, cowardly approach, you win a spot on my shitlist. Treasure it, it's been months since anyone's earned a spot on there.

Lazy weekend

The kids are at my wife's place for the first time since Thanksgiving*, so I'm planning on having a nice, quiet, relaxing weekend, cleaning and puttering around the house, and maybe seeing a cheap movie or two and picking up whatever last-minute Christmas supplies we need. It's been a very tiring few weeks, and I'm glad to get to sleep in and relax and try to recover a bit.

When the kids come back, it should be great - I'm taking the next week off so I get over a week of uninterrupted time with them. I might go visiting some friends and family over the holidays, but not much, most of the time I can just stay home and catch up on all of the time I've missed with them due to the craziness everywhere else in my life. Yay. :)

* - To put it simply: she never bothers to pick them up. If we don't bring them to her, and bring them back, they don't see her. There's been one time that she's come to pick them up in the past few months, and that was for Thanksgiving, when she got them for something like 4 days straight. This disgusts and appalls me but I'm not going to get into all of that here.