December 19th, 2002


The Two Towers... and the new towers.

Tonight I went and saw the Two Towers with a bunch of people. I enjoyed it - it wasn't perfect, but was very enjoyable.
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Anyways, the movie was a lot of fun. It started off a bit slow, I thought, but picked up and soon had my complete, rapt attention.

After the movie most of us went to Grand Sichuan to eat. The food was much better than the other GS we went to last year.


In other news, I saw the new proposals for the rebuilding of the World Trade Center site. I have to say, overall, I'm appalled. They've improved from the last round, but they're still mostly terrible.

Does anyone actually want to see curvy, twisted, acid-trip, knock-down-drunk versions of the towers reaching up to claw at the sky like Gollum reaching for his precioussss? Not only does it just look weird, but it's very disconcerting, and even worse not particularly confidence-inspiring. In all seriousness, whatever they build should look and feel solid, after all of the bad memories associated with the former buildings.

The only one I (mostly) liked was this one:

In the Peterson/Littenberg design, they build some towers around the perimeter but then reserve the majority of the site for a memorial, ampitheater, and large set of open-air gardens and mini-parks. It's the prettiest of the designs, and the most conventional - the towers aren't garish, warped affairs, they're simple and direct - and they fit in with the rest of the skyline.

The P/L design has a real cozy, comforting feel to it, and breathes some life into the area, which is a pretty barren and lifeless stretch of Manhattan currently. It's also an efficient use of space - the garden is on the top level (actually below street level) and the museum and entrance to public transportation are underneath the various sections. Also, while not really important in design terms, their presentation was much better than the rest - their illustrations were really nice, where some of the other ones were just ugly or unprofessional looking. They used some well-rendered, tastefully done watercolors of the proposal, plus some computer-rendered diagrams and the like.

Anyways, on that note, I'm going to bed. G'nite.
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