December 11th, 2002


FOAFing around at home

FOAF stands for "Friend of a Friend". Basically, it's an xml/rdf way of specifying your own personal information, and in doing so link to other people.

Sound a little familiar? Well, it should - it's basically a machine-readable version of an LJ userinfo page. You describe yourself, and then link to people you know.

I think it's pretty nifty - part of what LJ was built off of was the concept of the friends list, and linking between friends, and the FOAF idea lets it be brought to the rest of the web. I posted in suggestions, so we'll see if anyone runs with it. The way I see it, the same way RSS feeds have allowed LJ to co-exist with all sorts of other sites in the content realm, FOAF could let LJ co-exist with all sorts of other sites in terms of user information and linking. I dunno, I think it's cool, anyways.

Relevant urls: (the spec) (an intro article) (a foaf generator)
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Random question

Ok, google's newsgroups search has failed me. Does anyone know of any other search engines for old newsgroups? Specifically, I'm looking for an alt.gothic post from 1994, and I was unable to find it using Google. I've noticed that even with the "full" results on, it still misses a lot of posts - most easily seen by looking at threads where people reply to other people and quote their post but the quoted post is nowhere to be found. Obviously, their engine doesn't cover everything. I can't imagine anyone else's is any better, but...